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Because network security is very complicated, it is not easy to prevent computer attacks on your company. Many companies fail to properly manage their network security, and ultimately pay very expensive costs. It is too late for them to realize the importance of cyber security when they are attacked by hackers.

RCS’s professional team services provide affordable cyber security services to the companies or non-professionals.

Our team’s extensive experience in offensive cyber security has been officially verified and certified.

Outstanding experience

We know the behavior patterns of hackers, and can identify and find them, in order to provide you with clear and fast solutions.

Technical excellence

We have a team that has passed the certification of cyber security industry standards.

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We provide comprehensive cyber security services.

Web application system security tests

We conduct the web application security test to evaluate and confirm the cyber security vulnerabilities in your website or web applications. This security test can confirm the possible cyber security vulnerabilities that attack, steal your confidential data, or destroy your computer .

Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) simulation

The Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) test simulation is a simulation test of customized attacks that can avoid traditional network control. The purpose is to protect your most critical assets from the penetration and threats of target attackers.

Internal infrastructure tests

Internal infrastructure testing includes evaluating cyber security management vulnerabilities in critical internal networks. These cyber security vulnerabilities are usually found in the networks employees use to transmit sensitive data, send emails, or connect to internal services every day.

Phishing and social engineering attacks

Social engineering manipulates security systems to steal confidential information or invade important areas. Social engineering attacks range from "phishing" attacks to theft of confidential information.

External infrastructure tests

External infrastructure testing can evaluate and detect external security vulnerabilities in devices that are publicly exposed to the Internet in order to avoid and prevent malicious attackers from destroying your system.

Digital forensics

Our certified digital forensic investigation team will analyze your website, server, and digital media to find evidence of any changes in security, including personal identity theft, unauthorized access, and any other attacks and so on.