RCS regularly assists family law attorneys to identify and authenticate key evidence.




RCS can meet the digital forensic investigation and eDiscovery needs of attorneys in many family law cases. Representative subjects include:


Divorce Litigation:

RCS can recover deleted conversations, find hidden assets. You can investigate parental fitness issues and various divorce-related issues that may arise routinely during the course of digital forensic investigations.


Wills & Trusts:

As more and more jurisdictions are recognizing electronic wills, RCS is helping many clients identify and authenticate evidence related to wills and trusts.


Spousal & Child Support:

Many times there are allegations of inability to pay spousal and child support and declarations of insolvency. RCS can collect the evidence of bank accounts and other assets that can be decisive for the resolution in your favor.


We can support your family law case. Contact RCS today and we will help you discover the digital evidence you need.