Due to COVID-19, more and more people are working from home, and a large number of companies have known how to adapt to this new circumstance. 

But with this new reality many concerns arise :

  1. – Is my company data really safe from cyber attacks when I work from home?
    – Could a ransomware attack spread to our network if I work at home?
    – Can I ensure that my business data continues to be safely backed up?
    – Can our IT staff support my home environment if I have technical problems while respecting the privacy of family members?

Safe At Home

To be realistic, employees working from home are often not as well protected from external threats or data loss as they would be at the office.

Because each worker may have different device needs and configurations, it can be difficult for the IT team to ensure the cybersecurity needs of home workers.

RCS provides a customized solution specifically designed to meet the unique needs of each of its home workers, with its “Safe At Home” program.

Why choose RCS’s Safe At Home program? We give you three main reasons:

White glove service: No more endless, tedious calls to tech support to reach someone who ultimately can’t help you. With RCS, you have access to a dedicated and experienced advisor who can quickly resolve issues.
Peace of mind: Knowing that you work in a safe environment gives you peace of mind and your company can dedicate its time to what is really important, to your business. RCS helps keep organization data safe in home environments.
Expert Guidance: Unlike many companies, RCS does not force you to use your own software. Therefore, we offer solutions combining the best existing tools and specially designed to satisfy the needs of our clients.