Lean on RCSs expertise in confidential information disputes and uncover trade secret theft.




Many companies handle valuable and sensitive data from being stolen or hacked. The reality is that trade secrets and other intellectual property are stolen by employees or former employees who have unrestricted access to this information to misappropriate data. That is why it is essential that companies such as pharmaceutical, financial, biotechnological, software development and others make significant investments in their security both externally and internally.

By preserving and forensic analysis of company computers, phones, email accounts, and other sources of company data assigned to employees, RCS helps clients identify potential data theft internally. The identification of the misappropriation of data can be subject to misinterpretation as it is complex and the computer forensic examination has to be carried out by specialists. RCS helps companies in the preservation of evidence and information technology activity for proper data management.

RCS offers advanced investigative and forensic technical services for the detection of data loss and proactively helping companies to minimize risks and thereby reduce the possible costs that may arise from the misuse of confidential data, intentional misappropriation and the use of company resources.

RCS for patent, trademark and copyright disputes.

In determining the validity of a patent, digital forensic expertise can often be decisive. It can become vital to claiming patentability, determining the date when an inventor came up with an idea. It may be necessary to establish the time and provenance of such files and RCS can search for forensic clues within the electronic documents themselves, discover where and when they were created and opened. RCS has experience in offering its digital forensic and eDiscovery services in matters of patent infringement and also in copyright and trademark matters for startups, small, medium-sized companies and large and consolidated companies that have required our services.