RCS preserves file metadata, reducing customer risk with verifiable evidence collection.

RCS has extensive experience in forensic imaging and data collection from a wide variety of electronically stored information (ESI) sources. We are capable of creating complete forensic images of servers, external storage devices, laptops, smartphones, desktops, tablets, optical media, and other ESI storage devices. We collect forensically from various hosted data sources, including email accounts, cloud storage, and social media. We can forensically collect complete data sources and perform specific forensic compilations based on objective criteria. We put at your disposal our experience for the collection of ESI.


RCS applies forensic and verifiable data collection methodologies to keep the evidence chain of custody intact. Using RCS services for your data collection needs is a smart investment as it can substantially reduce your risks as well as your costs.


The RCS team is capable of imaging hundreds of ESI storage devices and has to collect terabytes of data in a matter of days without having to interfere with our clients’ work pace. You can contact us remotely or at our offices. We have flexible working hours so that our clients have a dynamic service either in person or in our forensic laboratories.

Keep your data safe with RCS.

RCS uses AES 128-bit or higher encryption to protect data in transit from interception during remote forensic collections. RCS stores forensic collections in highly secure environments, including access controls based on the principle of least privilege, employing robust physical security measures, video surveillance and alarm monitoring 24/7/365. RCS is synonymous with protection and security for your company.