To efficiently facilitate data collection and production and investigation, RCS has trusted digital forensic neutrals.


Computer forensics neutrals are increasingly used in companies and law firms.
Neutral forensics increase litigation efficiency. A neutral forensic hired jointly by the multiple parties, reduces overhead costs and promotes efficiency in cost reduction and agreements with reasonable protocols, unifying the analysis. The use of neutral forensics reduces the contradictory and partial aspects of a litigation and in addition to reducing unnecessary expenses, it speeds up the process of discovering relevant information.

When each party contributes a forensic expert, the processes are unnecessarily complicated and there is a risk that these experts act partially. This is something that must be avoided at all costs, since in these litigation very sensitive and conflictive matters are normally dealt with. RCS is adept at implementing instructions from the experts and attorneys of all parties, ensuring measures that safeguard the confidentiality of data while successfully meeting discovery obligations. As a neutral expert, RCS brings the level of professional detachment needed in the most heated disputes and provides confidence in a process that can become tense.

RCS computer forensics neutrals perform a number of highly useful functions in disputes involving electronically stored data. This includes:

We advise you so that your forensic protocols are the most appropriate


We assist in the resolution of disputes related to information stored electronically


Forensic preservation of account and electronic storage devices


Assessment of confidential and privileged data


Forensic analysis of deleted and active data


Testimony and expert reports