RCS identifies the risks involved in mergers and acquisitions.



Cybersecurity M&A care is a critical and often overlooked aspect. Care must be taken in the evaluation process to know whether to go ahead with a merger or acquisition, and whether to commit to a new partner or supplier. To ensure the integrity of operations, data security is essential. A correct assessment of cybersecurity risks is essential when evaluating the value and terms of the deal. Factors such as the quality of earnings, customers and employees need to be considered. Careful Cybersecurity M&A helps minimize risk, reduce costs, and identify potential roadblocks.

RCS is experienced in handling large amounts of documentation and data, and is able to efficiently filter large volumes of information to identify the most relevant data. For M&A litigation, RCS knows the challenges that can arise and how important they can become. That is why it is very necessary to have the tools and sufficient knowledge to face acquisitions that went wrong or second attempts for M&A litigation.