RCS has the expertise to guide firms through the most complex electronic discovery processing and production projects.

When founded in 2003, RCS’s first service offerings were eDiscovery processing and production. At the time, even a few gigabytes of data was considered a substantial project, and eDiscovery processing software was in its infant stages.


Today, RCS is capable of processing projects thousands of times larger than when we were founded. RCS can employ advanced data indexing and culling tools to cut through waves of irrelevant data, substantially reducing review and production costs, and helping attorneys quickly find the key documents they need to win their cases.

RCS employs a unique approach to project management that saves clients time and aggravation.

Have you ever been assigned a project manager who, when asked a question, always needs to get back to you later after needing to consult the production team? Do you waste time getting the wrong answers from someone who isn’t familiar with your case? Our clients consistently tell us how refreshing it is not to experience those issues with RCS.


Why? Because RCS ensures that the experts assigned to manage your eDiscovery projects are directly involved in the production process. They can answer your questions right away, because they are the ones doing the work. That saves you time, and makes sure you get the correct answer the first time you ask a question.


RCS also utilizes our purpose-built, proprietary Dart project management system to help our staff track the details of your projects and ensure continuity. With RCS, you will get consistent, quality eDiscovery processing and production results.