RCS uses cutting-edge technology to make legal review manageable, and even fun.

During RCS’s first year of operation in 2003, a case with 50,000 documents was considered huge. Today, we routinely ingest terabytes of data, comprising millions of files. Although processing speed, storage, and data volumes have increased exponentially since our 2003 founding, the number of documents an attorney can read in an hour predictably has remained constant.


RCS offers early case assessment solutions that provide lawyers with the advanced technological tools they need to avoid drowning in a sea of data. We can assist in developing strategies to cull data dramatically prior to review, substantially reducing the cost of data hosting and review. RCS even offers software that leverages artificial intelligence to help you understand whether you have identified all the custodians who have relevant information, whether any can be eliminated as irrelevant, and identify the key data that needs to be hosted for review.