RCS puts at your disposal a team of experts that will help you understand and guide you with the most complex research problems.


RCS top management includes digital forensic experts who have served as litigation partners, government attorneys, and general attorneys and employs experienced digital forensic experts for these types of challenges. We can assist in the evaluation of reports provided by opposing digital forensic examiners and provide expert consulting services on digital forensic collection and investigation strategies. We can also help you prepare for opposing digital forensic expert statements to achieve more successful end results.


RCS has extensive experience of successful testimony in court.


Whether in confrontational contexts, such as on the witness stand, or in counseling contexts, such as helping the courts as neutral forensics, RCS digital forensic experts are comfortable in any of the confrontational contexts in court because of their Experience as a witness, advisor or Nuetral forensic in various litigation in person as well as online. RCS always maintains its impartiality as it is the basis of our credibility. The analysis of data in information has to be analyzed and exposed in an objective and analytical way and our opinions will only be based on our deep knowledge of the handling of legal technology. At RCS, simplicity and clarity in communication must be a constant.